The Greatest Commandment

Love the Lord your God will all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A time for everything

People die.

People die every day. We know this and we expect this... but we don't expect it, either. So when a young father... 42 years old... dies and leaves his wife and 3 young boys behind- we're all shocked. We all are sad beyond belief for the loss of a father... for the widow, and the children... for the parents and the friends... for the students.

What do we do? We remember... he was a wonderful husband, daddy, teacher, coach, believer. We grieve. He is gone. We pray. God be with his family- his widow/children/parents who lost their other son only 5 years ago... We hug our own families a little closer. We forgive those around us who we should have forgiven a long time ago.

And then... after a few days... we go back to our own normal lives. We go back to taking things for granted and acting immortal. Why do we do this?

What I have questioned since Brian died on Sunday is this: What- if I were to die today- would I be remembered for? I know I am going to spend eternity with Jesus- so the thought of dying actually doesn't scare me. It bothers me that my children would grow up without a "mother" - but I know they would survive and God would give them the tools to thrive. But what would I be remembered for?

I hope and pray that from here on out- no matter what life throws in my path- that I can set an example of grace. I may be a nobody, a regular mom who does nothing other than ordinary... but I want to live through God's eyes and show the grace that only He can give. I don't know how He will make that work in my life, but I know He is trying every day. I am living "day-by-day" right now, and despite the fact that my soon-to-be ex-husband has me madder than a hornet right now- I hope to set an example of grace. I hope to set an example of wisdom. I hope to show the love of Christ- no matter what. I hope that my children would remember how much I love them.

If you were to die tonight- what would you want to be remembered for?

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Mindy said...

Yes! I would want my kids to know how much their mommy loved them.....and how much I tried to show them how to live like Jesus ----even though I fail repeatedly........